Not all stores using Quail offer layaway, but if your store does and you need to manage your layaway items or put a new item aside, here’s how you do it. Open the Layaway view on the left, and you’ll see a list of all items currently on layaway:

Layaway Items

To put a new item on layaway, click the big orange New Layaway Item button in the top-right. This will open up a form you can fill in with details of the item and customer:

Layaway details

Click Add Layaway Item when you’re ready, and the form will change to allow you to record a first payment for this item:

Layaway details

Important: the first payment on a layaway item must cover at least the sales tax on that item. The full sales tax is accounted for out of the first payment; subsequent payments are applied against the remaining sale price.

After you’ve take the customer’s first payment, Quail will print a layaway payment receipt. These are slightly different than normal receipts, especially for the first layaway payment:

Layaway receipt

For one thing, it’s got a separate line-item for sales tax (see the previous note!) on the layaway item; for another, there’s an extra disclaimer at the bottom about layaway purchase deadlines.

How do I accept layaway payments?

Already got an item on layaway that you need to take a payment for? No problem: open up the layaway view and click Make Payment. A form like the first payment one above will appear; fill that guy in, and you’ll be good to go. There’s no minimum payment amount that Quail requires, so you’re free to have whatever store rules you need.

I’ve got a delinquent item – how do I contact the customer?

Hopefully the clerk who rang up the original sale took down the name and phone number of the customer (see above). If they did, there should be a phone icon () just beside the Make Payment button. Click that phone icon, and you’ll see the name and phone number of the customer.

I want to withhold layaway payments from vendors until items are fully paid off.

Not a problem! Click here to see how to turn this feature on.