We know that stores have different layaway policies, and Quail tries to support as many as we can. Some stores have a contract with vendors where payments on layaway items are withheld from vendors until the item is completely paid for; if your store has such a contract, open up the settings page ( in the sidebar) and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Find the option titled Hold Layaway Payments? and switch it to ON:

Layaway Hold Setting

Be sure you click Change Store Information to save this change!

Once you’ve done this, layaway items will require an extra step before they’re completed. With this setting turned on, you’ll now see a Finalize button on layaway items that have been fully paid-for.

Layaway Held Item

Payments won’t be credited to a vendor’s account until you click this button. Once you do, they’ll show up in the vendor’s reports and account as normal, and be removed from the layaway list.