Example Gift Certificate

We’ve recently added support for gift certificates to Quail. Gift certificates work pretty much like you’d expect: clerks can sell gift certificates to customers, which can then be used as payment for items.

How do I sell a gift certificate?

Easy! Open up the New Transaction screen in Quail and click the big Issue a Gift Certificate button in the top-right:

Issue a Gift Certificate

This will take you to a page where you can enter in the dollar amount of the certificate, collect payment from the customer, and print the final certificate once it’s paid for:

Issue a Gift Certificate

Once you’ve collected cash or a check (or swiped a credit card), you’re ready to print the certificate. Click Print Certificate and a new tab or window should open up. Print this page (Control-p on Windows), cut out the actual certificate (they’re smaller than a full page!), and give it to the customer.

You’re done!

How do I redeem gift certificates?

Take them as payment, just as you would cash, check, or credit card! There’s an option for Certificate in the payment selector that shows up when you click Calculate Payment:

Redeem a Gift Certificate

If you want to give change for partially-used gift certificates, enter in the full amount of the certificate there (where it says “37.89” in the picture above!). If you don’t want to give change from gift certificates, you can leave it as-is.

At the end of the day, you’ll probably want to go through your register drawer and close out any gift certificates that you’ve taken in. Open the Store page in your sidebar, and click Gift Certificates:

Redeem a Gift Certificate

Look up the Issue Number of any certificates you’ve received as payment, and click Redeem in the table beside them. This will close them out, marking them as having been cashed in.

Redeem a Gift Certificate

Can I change what my gift certificates look like?

Yep! On the bottom of that same page are a couple of options that let you customize the look of your gift certificates. Make some changes, then click Save Changes to see the sample certificate update.