There’s no need to share your login with your clerks and workers; Quail lets you create an unlimited number of dedicated clerk accounts.

To manage your clerks, open the store page in the sidebar on the left:

Store Page

Click on the Clerks & Admins button to open up a list of your clerks. When you first set up your store you’ll have only yourself as a clerk:

Clerks Page

To add a new clerk, give them a user name. I like “first initial” + “last name”, but it’s up to you! Usernames need to be unique, though, so you might have to get a clever. Clerks will also need an email address, which they’ll use to recover or reset their password.

By default, clerks can log in but they can’t do anything. That’s not very useful, so be sure to toggle at least one permission switch. Users who are only responsible for ringing up sales (you know, clerks) probably only need the Ring up sales? permission; You’re probably the only user who needs the Manage users? and Edit past sales? permissions.

Deleting Clerks

For some stores clerks can come and go over time. If you have clerks that you no longer want to allow access to your store in Quail, you can delete them using the icon to the right of the clerk’s permissions:

Delete Clerks

Clicking this icon will open up a confirmation – you wouldn’t want to delete clerks by accident!

Delete Clerks

Click the big orange button in the bottom-right of this confirmation, and the clerk will be deleted.

Secret Hint: Even though this confirmation says that deleting clerks is permanent, it’s not, really. If you delete a clerk by accident and want to bring them back, send an email to and we’ll resurrect ‘em, no questions asked.